Here are some half-size screenshots of MCONV in action. All of the following are xwd-dumps of an 80x24 xterm window.

[the main menu] The main menu of CUS BBS.
A view of the Utilities Menu on CUS BBS. [the utilities menu]
[a readonly file] The top of a read-only file - in this case, the "About this BBS" file shown in the main menu.
A comment file (that is, you can add comments to it). This particular file happens to be the CUS BBS "Report a Problem" file. [a comment file]
[users on] A view of the "Users On" screen, showing myself and one other user logged into CUS BBS.
A view of the "Idle On" screen - an alternate Users On screen showing the idle time and location of each user. Note that I have obscured the locations (i.e. addresses logged in from) in this picture. [idle on]

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