The Mconv BBS System

Welcome to the home page for the MCONV BBS project, a fully functional Internet BBS running under Linux and other Unix clones.

Latest release: 1.2.7 (download)

MCONV is an Internet Bulletin Board System (BBS) similar to Monochrome BBS, but with open source code and extra features.

To see what it looks like, go to the screenshots page. For download links and the CVS repository, see the download page. For a whopping great manual, see the documentation page. And to find some contact information, see the contribution page.

Originally, MCONV started life as a utility for processing Monochrome BBS files offline. However, it has since grown into a full suite of programs including a standalone BBS, mbbs.

Telnet-based, its features include:

Outside the BBS itself there are conversion utilities to enable output to email or web pages or input from "screen" scrollback buffers, a special in-BBS text editor, and a standalone file viewer with simple forward and backward search and automatic rescanning.

As well as using it as a BBS, this package can be used as a simple overlay on the Unix filesystem, providing an easy way to organise and view text files and system logs.

Note that this is NOT a telephone-oriented BBS - it is designed to work on a multi-user Unix server connected to the Internet or to a LAN.

You may want to have a look at the screenshots to get an idea of the feel of the BBS - or just install it and experiment.

Finally, the documentation is also available online.

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